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HR Professionals

We draw on experience across every facet of HR including in public, private and not-for-profit organisations.


We provide services for people decision-makers by being flexible and solution-focused because HR should serve the organisation to get the best out of its people.

Employment Relations 


Experience matters when it comes to employment relations (ER).

We can help with ER matters at both the strategic and operational level.

This includes developing and implementing ER policies and structures or working with HR managers to ensure healthy dynamics between managers and employees.

Our ER services include:

  • Managing poor performance

  • Employment investigations

  • Consultation on new / existing ER policies

  • Implementing new ER policies

  • Dealing with unions

  • Contract negotiation

  • ER legal compliance

Change Management 

HR Change Management

Implementing change is never easy. Which is why you need an organisation that’s done it all before.

We can help implement organisation-wide change at both a strategic and an operational level.

This includes understanding and framing the need for change at a strategic level, through to implementing processes, tools and techniques.

Our services include:

  • Consultation on new / existing people-related change management initiatives

  • Implementing systematic approaches to change management

  • Training managers

  • Creating & implementing change management communication strategies

  • Resistance management


 People Strategy


It’s easy to get lost in the organisation-wide initiatives that you’re trying to implement.

They’re important; but any initiative will fall short if you don’t have a strong people strategy in place.

We can help with formulating and implementing HR strategies across your organisation and ensure that your people strategy is aligned with your organisation’s vision, goals and strategies.

Our services include:

  • Creating / consulting on new people strategies

  • Reviewing & updating current people strategies

  • Performance review analysis

  • Talent management frameworks

  • Culture audits & independent reviews

Other Services

Organisational Design

We can assist with organisational design tailored to your organisation’s goals or audit your existing structures and provide best-practice recommendations. 

Recruitment & Retention

We can help with recruitment & retention. This includes strategy, processes and campaigns for finding the best talent, and ensuring that you keep and develop your best people.

Remuneration & Benefits

Staff should be rewarded appropriately for high performance in the organisation. We can help with remuneration, benefit packages and reward schemes.


Health & Safety

Healthy employees who feel safe & secure at work make more productive employees. We can help with health & safety policies, wellbeing programmes and legislative compliance.

Organisational Development

We can help with your learning and development & strategic planning, instructional design, coaching and team building exercises at entry-level, mid-management or executive levels.

HR Services

Otherwise not mentioned, we can assist with practically any HR-related issue or opportunity. Contact us and we’ll support you from day one.


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We have 15+ years experience working with public, private & not-for-profit companies.



We treat every client as a unique client with different needs. We don’t sell pre-packaged services.



No challenge too big or small. We’re there when you need us: no more, no less.




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